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France to host ‘World Equestrian Games’


Normandy(France): Leading horses and riders from around the globe will be gathering at Normandy in northern France, this weekend to participate in the sporting world championship.
This is the seventh World Equestrian Games, which is used to hold in a different country once in every four years.
Skillful hoof-work, rather than footwork is the key factor required for this event.
This sporting event is managed by the Lausanne-based Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI), which launched in 1990.
The important disciplines of the game are eventing, dressage, jumping, driving, vaulting, endurance, reining, and para-dressage.
It is hoped that as well as exhibiting and widening participation in Equestrian sports, the All-tech FEI World Equestrian Games will also benefit the equine industry of North-West France.


Video on the World Equestrian Games