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Ghat Road Views, Wayanad


The view of Wayanad Ghat road is a breathtaking experience. It starts from the base of the hill ranges and ends at a height of 700 meters above sea level. There are 9 sharp hairpin curves on the way to the top of the Ghat road which covers a distance of 18km. While moving up through the ghat road, outstanding views of the evergreen Wayanad forests can be enjoyed to its maximum. In addition, eye-catching sight of lofty mountain peaks, bubbling streams, luxuriant flora, beautiful butterflies, chirping birds, deep valleys with wide spread greeneries and mountain slants with spectacular plantations can be viewed comfortably. The Ghat road with 9 sharp hairpin bends is well known by the name Wayanad Churam. The associated view of these bends from the top of the last curve is really a thrilling and memorable sight. The location offers an incredible view of foggy steep mountains and a glance of distant horizon touching the Arabian Sea. From this high-range area, the beauty of morning sunrise and evening sunset are indescribable. This is the first sightseeing spot at the entrance of the enchanting tourist destinations in Wayanad.


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