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A giant leech in jungle swallows a huge earthworm


Borneo: In jungle a leech is reported to have swallowed a huge earthworm.
The creature is so new to science that it does not yet have a taxonomic name.
According to local tribes in the forest, the creature is a ‘Giant Red Leech.’
The bright red leech was in search on the ground for hunting its prey. When it came across the enormous earthworm, which was around 70cm, the leech captured it immediately and then made great effort to swallow its massive meal.
The leech had fastened its tail on a rock soon after enveloping the worm.
Presumably this is to help its shake and secure some advantage much like a contracting snake.
The Giant Red Leech is said to be one of the biggest in the world.
The specimen captured by the cameramen was around 50cm long but experts said that they could grow still larger.
The magnificent prey hunt of the leech enabled BBC camera crews to take a footage of the same for their new series ‘Wonders of the Monsoon.


Video on the prey hunt of the leech