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Google planning to Release Laptop that Will Run On Andromeda OS


Google is planning a unique Pixel laptop which is to be released in Q3 2017. The company intends to release the laptop, which is identified by an informal nickname “Pixel 3”. It will be the first ever device to run on the Google’s new Android / Chrome OS, called as Andromeda. The project is internally known as ‘Bison’. Bison, then, would be the finish of years of effort by Google’s Pixel team along with Google’s Android and Chrome OS teams.The Bison will be a laptop which is ultra-thin, with a 12.3″ display. However, the ‘software giant’ also wants it to support the “tablet” mode. Google-watcher blog ‘Android Police’ states that Google’s proposed pricing is still competitive and that Bison is pegged to begin at $799. an It will be an Intel m3 or i5 Core processor with 128GB or 32GB of storage and 16GB or 8GB of RAM, which will be powering it. The Android Police say that this appears to indicate that there will be two models.


Moreover, it will feature a fingerprint scanner, a 3.5mm jack, two USB-C ports, a host of sensors, stereo speakers, quad microphones, stylus support (a Wacom Pen will be sold separately) and a battery that will last upto 10 hours. The glass trackpad will use haptic and force detection, which is similar to that of the MacBook. Additionally, the keyboard will be backlit.The Android apps on the Chrome OS derived from the ARC project. On the other hand, Andromeda is a much larger and a more ambitious drive that is being pursued by merging Chrome features into the Android.


The latest Google Pixel smartphone has already been released, leading in a new era of handsets for Google. Google has acquired the battle for supremacy in the mobile phone market straight to Apple by the release of its first full ‘contender’ to the iPhone.The Google Pixel XL and Pixel are the first smartphones which are designed by the company and also bear its name. The Pixel is kept firmly in Apple’s premium section at £599, or from £719 for the XL, and also comes with unlimited photo storage, Google’s voice-controlled artificial intelligence assistant and an advanced camera. At the centre of the new Pixel, handsets is the Google Assistant, who gives you your own ‘personal Google’. This is the first phone which has a built in Assistant.