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Google’s new airborne delivery drone flight sees in action


Australia: Google’s new airborne delivery drone flight is seen in action as it dropped off a package to a farmer in the Australian Outback.
The Internet giant has revealed that they have been developing drones capable of delivering goods, ranging from medicines to groceries, independently.
Google’s ‘Project Wing’ is a direct competitor to Amazon’s own delivery drones strategy.
However, Google has admitted that it would take years to create a service vehicles flying for multiple deliveries each day.
An early version of the drone, which Google showcased in a video on its website, has a 1.5 meter (yard-)wide wingspan and is capable of flying over Pre-programmed routes.
As per the information from Google website, these planes have so many common features with Google’s self-driving car than the remote-controlled airplanes in which people fly in parks on weekends.
As per the video, the drone Google flight was equipped with unique rotating mechanism to allow for vertical takeoff and landing, while a fixed wing to enable the vehicle to fly just like planes.


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