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Heart Lake


The magnificent heart shaped lake (Hridaya Saras) in Wayanad is located on the way to Chembra peak. Since this is a trekking area, the exceptional lake in the elevated location can be viewed only by tourists who love adventurous hill climbing. This wonderful valentine gift of nature is situated about 4500 feet above sea level. The panoramic landscape scenes available from the Heart lake site is absolutely a thrilling experience. It is believed that the water in the lake would never be dried up. It is highly amazing to note that the pure crystalline water in the lake is in lukewarm temperature always even though the environment is very cold. This lake is considered as an asset to the natural beauty of Chembra peak and assumed to be one of the nine love symbol articles seen on earth. During British rule there was a camp office near to this lake. The naturally spectacular Heart lake covers an area of about 1827 square meters. The calm and quiet lake shore enables tourists to relax as well as refresh properly in the midst of their trekking to the Chembra peak.


Video on the Heart Lake in Wayanad