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Herd of deer take over the road in Japan


Nara(Japan): A herd of deer escaped from a wildlife park in Japan, are being reported to have blocked the road.
The actions of the deer herd have literally captured the headlines everywhere.
But in appearance they didn’t seem to mind it even a little bit.
The road invasion of the deer herd have disturbed the drivers in Japan to a great extent.
Their daily journeys were severely interrupted.
The group of animals, who escaped from the nearby wildlife park, were coming to bed down for the night in the middle of a busy street roads.
Apart from taking over one lane of the road as well as walkway, they were also captured some patches of grass in the area.
The deer herd appeared emotionless even after the taking over of the major road section.
They were unconcerned as the traffic advances towards them.
They firmly stood or lied on their ground as if nothing has happened.
But for road users in this area, it wasn’t a particularly odd phenomenon, because the animals used to take over this section of the highway every year.
The villain animals were obstructed the traffic even in late July, when temperatures in the city of Nara had reached 35 degrees Celsius.
As per reports, the deer and their strange such jokes are very popular in the nearby areas of the wildlife park.


Video on deer herd which blocked the roads in Japan