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Heritage Museum in Wayanad


Wayanad heritage museum is located in Ambalavayal which is about 12 kilometers away from Sulthan Bathery. This is considered as one of the best archaeological museums in the state where ancient artifacts from the region are collected and displayed. They include carved stones, headgear, bows and arrows, sword, pottery, and materials very much related to the people who had led a tribal life in the mountain bounded forests in Wayanad. The idols made of hard and soft rocks which can be viewed in the museum were believed to be worshiped by these ancient tribal people. Other attractions of the museum are the series of pictorial rock edicts referred to as Hero Stones, memorize the foregone era of brave warriors. The Stone Age tools collected from Muniyara cave are also displayed here. A variety of relics displayed in the exhibition center are the evidences of ancient tradition and culture existed in the region. There are many places in the district which have got great importance with respect to Archaeological and Anthropological relevance. Thus, the collections made by excavations have enabled archaeologists as well as anthropologists to go through the history, culture and heritage of ancient Wayanad to a great extent.
Adjoining the museum there is a small theater from where an interesting multimedia presentation on Wayanad can be viewed.


Video on the displaying artifacts at Wayanad Heritage Museum