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How to Recover from Skype Virus Attack ?


If you are interested in this article, that means, a skype message from one or more of your Skype friends with a moderately strange message containing a link would have received by you. Unfortunately the user who has sent you the message might have infected with the Skype virus, and likewise, if you also click and open the link inside the message, there are chances for your skype to get infected as well. If effected, you will probably have a type of malware known as Trojan horse, and if you failed to find it out, you will start sending similar type skype messages to people in your contact list unknowingly. However, the out come of the attack might not be that much.

Here, this virus sends you a message that says “lol is your new profile pic” or “ this is my favorite pic of you lol” or “इस तस्वीर को देखो”. In addition to this, the message will be forwarded to all your contacts listed on your Skype account. You can search the Internet to collect suitable solutions to this problem. However, to make things easy for you, here are some effective steps to remove this virus, even though they are a bit complicated.


Skype Virus Detection

1) You will be receiving the below message in Skype,
इस तस्वीर को देखो User name (rofl)
2) Then, a zip file named IMG05045063102016-JPG. zip will be downloaded to the downloads folder of your PC.
3) Once you extracted the setup and started installing the screensaver.scr file, the above Spam messages will start moving to all your valuable skype contacts.
4) The malware script will stop its rampage, only when you sign-out your skype account.


Skype Virus Removal

1) Select Run, and clean up temp folder by using %Temp% command.
2) Change the password of your online skype account.
3) You have to stop the process called Adobe Photo-shop CS5 by opening the task manager
4) Open Run> MSCONFIG and get rid of virus startup entry which is similar to Adobe Photo-shop CS5, User name. exe etc
5) Uninstall existing Skype.
6) Remove browsing history and clean your PC by using registry cleaners.
7) Install fresh Skype.



By following the aforesaid steps you can escape from the present attack of the skype virus. But, there are possibilities to have similar attacks through your skype account in future. So, it is upto you to trace out such malicious messages and ignore links provided. Thus you can keep your skype contacts clean and green ever.