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Nowadays the drainage system supported by sump pump is getting popular. These innovated drainage systems are capable to expel stagnant water which exists around houses. On certain occasions these water presence is capable to develop flood in the surrounding areas of the houses. If this is ignored these flooding may create severe damage to houses and associated areas. At this juncture the sump pump drainage system assists the residents by sucking water from the respective submerged areas and transferring the same to another safe location.


Generally, there are four types of sump pumps systems which are used for implementing drainage facilities. Out of these four, one is motorized by water and the next two by electricity. The last one is run either by automatic devices or manual assistance.


The water powered sump pump drainage is reliable in all conditions, whereas the electrical ones cannot work in the absence of electricity. In the water powered system the sump pump is worked by means of water pressure available from the respective home plumping system. This system is activated by a switch and is capable to trace out the presence of water accumulation around the houses.


Among the two electrical sump pump systems one is pedestal and the other is specially designed for under water drainage purpose. In the pedestal model the motor is situated on top of its horizontal body whereas the second electrical sump pump device is supported by the water activated switch. The last one is known as ‘floor sucker pumps’ which is featured with advanced techniques. This system is capable to suck water which has stagnated in an area.


Usually high quality sump pump drainage lasts for about ten years. To get maximum life it is advisable to checkup the system at least once in a year. If this is possible, reliable services can be expected from these devices.


Video on the functioning of the Sump Pump