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Improve your Ranking On Google with Inexpensive Security Tricks


Google declared that they would reward the sites that use so-called SSL and HTTPS certificates. This indicates that site owners get an opportunity to improve both traffic and safety.What is an SSL certificate? It is a security assistance that is based on sensitive information, which includes passwords, usernames, and credit data, filled in on a website granting better security.The certificate allows the data to be sent on to the site’s database or billing system entirely encrypted and protected.It will be even more useful for those people who runs a web shop or selling other services online.


The customers will then feel even more safer when they enter their credit card details.The advantages have not gone beyond Google. The company has, in recent years, through several statements said that SSL would become more important for search engine rankings.Google has written on their blog that they will strengthen the influence on the rankings, to support site owners to keep all individuals safe on the Web.In other words, you could also say that one who does not select SSL certificate will be left behind in the search results.