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India to ascertain toilet use with tablets


Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has decided to launch a nationwide online program to ascertain whether people in India have the habit of using toilets as part of his cleanliness drive. Officials are advised to carry out the program from next month on wards with mobile phones, tablets and iPads to report whether toilets are being used in rural areas of India. This has been decided to be performed by uploading results onto a website in real time.
According to the World Bank study, the shortage of toilets in India has seen resulting premature deaths and hygiene-related diseases which costs the country for more than $50 billion a year. They have also found out that India is being suffered a greater cost than other Asian countries from the poor collection of human excretion.
A study conducted by World Health Organization has pointed out that about 626 million Indians defecate in the open space compared with 14 million in China. Since taking office in May, Modi is seen repeatedly worrying about the poor state of sanitation and public cleanliness in India, pledging to solve the problems within the next five years. So the government has doubled spending on toilet building programs and requested some of the largest companies in the country to help with financial donations.


Video on the usage toilets by the poor Indians