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Iruppu Waterfalls


This is a highly impressive waterfall that locates at the borderline between Wayanad district in Kerala and Coorg district in Karnataka. Even though this eye-catching cataract belongs to Karnataka state, tourists who come to visit Wayanad can comfortably enjoy the entire glory of this mesmerizing cascade. The beautiful watercourse which starts from Brahmagiri hill ranges is in the midst of Western Ghats. The entire path of the waterfall is through thickly wooded forest areas. The roaring that can be heard during water falling is the only sound that interrupts the tranquility prevailing in the picturesque environments. The cataract which starts from a height of 170 feet has two different stages which are absolutely outstanding in appearance. The misty white crystal clear water then flows as Laxman Thirtha River and considered as sacred. Since this is a rain-fed seasonal natural fall, the breathtaking sight of the same can be observed only during rainy season. The trekking track along the cascade leads to dense Narimale forest camp which in turn leads to the peak of the Brahmagiri hills. The endangered ‘Malabar blue bandit’ butterflies are observed in abundance near the Iruppu falls. All the flora and fauna seen in the Western Ghats are also seen in the forest encircled landscape site. The spectacular sightseeing area comprising of waterfalls and sacred Laxman Thirtha River have got great religious importance.


Video on Iruppu Waterfalls