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Italian town Borgaro is accused of instituting apartheid


Borgaro: An Italian town called Borgaro has been accused of instituting ‘apartheid’ after authorizing plans for a separate bus for the residents of Rome.
The mayor of Borgaro outside Turin is reported to have backed the controversial plan to create a separate bus route for the inhabitants of the Roma campsite after years of complaints from local residents.
Inhabitants of the town have allegedly suffered years of aggressiveness and pick-pocketing on the current bus route which passes the huge camp, based in a former barracks off the city’s ring road.
Alleged incidents on route 69, known as ‘the Gipsy bus’ have included passengers who were fussed on, a young girl whose hair was cut off, and another whose hair was set on fire.
Under plans which won the mayor Claudio Gambino’s support at a town hall meeting this week, a new bus will run parallel to the current route and end at the Roma camp.
Italian newspaper La Stampa said in an editorial that the measures are more or less similar to ‘apartheid’ but acknowledged that something had to be done.
Mr Gambino, of the center left PD party, denied racism and said it was ‘the only solution for the on going harassment on Romas from buses .’


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