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An Italian youngster allows a speeding train to run over him


Perugia (Italy): An overconfident Italian youngster was daring enough to let a locomotive run over him and to get survived miraculously.
The daring Italian teenager lied down on train tracks in Perugia, Italy as a speedy driven locomotive approached.
Seconds later the train seemingly whizzed over the top of him at high speed.
Once the train had moved off, the unidentified youngster, somehow he managed to stand up unhurt and blown the air in an apparent celebration.
This was really a death-hidden moment as the thoughtless teenager survived the speeding train which ran over him.
Meanwhile, in UK, between April and June this year, there were almost 2,400 recorded incidents of railway track trespass.
Among them about1, 300 were children and young adults, aged between 14 and 25.
British Transport Police chief inspector Tom Naughton pointed out the need to make aware children as well as young adults the dangers hidden in the railway tracks.


Video on the adventure of Italian teenager