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Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan arrested for drug abuse


Beijing (China): Famous Hollywood actor star Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan has been arrested for drug abuse.
Both actor Jaycee Chan, 31, and Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko, 23, were detained for the illegal use of narcotics.
This was confirmed by the Beijing police in a statement through their micro-blog.
After the arrest the police subjected them for analytic tests which were found positive for the usage of marijuana.
The police could also recover more than 100 grams of drugs from Mr. Chan’s house.
The arrest was following an ongoing drug hunt organized by the Beijing police and the same has trapped several celebrity images in the country.
In June, Chinese President Xi Jinping had implemented “forceful measures” to tackle illegal drug use.
BBC’s Martin Patience in Beijing pointed out through his report that by arresting the son of one of the country’s most famous actors, the Chinese authorities have shown that illegal use of drugs will not be tolerated for any cause.


Video on Jaycee Chan’s arrest