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Jammu and Kashmir people still in stranded situation


Srinagar: About 150,000 people in flood hit Jammu & Kashmir are said to be still in stranded condition at their homes even after a week.
This devastating flood is considered as the worst one over the century and fears outbreak of diseases from vast fields of stagnant brown water.
Indian army and civilian boats were trawled through the water immersed streets of capital Srinagar, picking up residents and delivering water, food and basic medicine to people who were forced to remain in the upper floors of their houses.
The state administration which knocked out after the waters of the Jhelum river entered into the city center, has been struggling to cope-up with the difficulties caused by the flood, the worst in 109 years.
Officials said that they did not have enough pumps to drain out the water that had swept through Srinagar, a city of 1 million enveloped by mountains.
Several of the state’s pumps were under water and 30 new ones have been ordered from New Delhi.


Video on the ongoing rescue operations at flood hit Jammu & Kashmir