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Kanthanpara Waterfalls


This is another attractive cataract located amid widely diversified tea estates in Wayanad. The spectacular cascade in the scenic spot is seen falling from a height of 30 meters. The thickly growing bamboo forests that encircle this area offer mesmerizing as well as picturesque views. There are a lot of walking paths around this waterfall which enable viewers to enjoy the total beauty of this enchanting cataract. Hence, this place is an ideal picnic center for nature lovers. The acute tranquility prevailing here is an unique experience. Hence, visitors often come here to enjoy the awesome beauty of nature rather than viewing the waterfall. The closeness of the waterfall to the main road has made this landscape site too popular. The easy reach-ability of this waterfall has made it an ideal family outing spot. The effortless hiking way to this location can be covered by even children. Moreover vehicles can be brought very near to this site. This marvelous waterfall is located 8km east of Meppadi and 22km southeast of Kalpetta.


Video on Kanthanpara Waterfall