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Karalad Lake


The naturally beautiful Karalad Lake is located in Thariode and about 16 kilometer away from Kalpetta. This is the second largest fresh water lake in Kerala. The surrounding areas of the Lake look so beautiful with thickly grown Bamboo groves. This is one of the notable unique features seen at the lake site. The calm and quite environments and unpolluted atmosphere make this location extremely serene. Hence, this is an ideal place for tourists who love to enjoy the goodness of nature through tranquility. The crystal clear water in the lake is spread over an area of seven acres and hence, the main entertainment here is boating which is absolutely very interesting. The panoramic view of the green vegetation encircling the area can be made possible by this boat journey. Surrounding the Karalad Lake, there are steep locations ideal for trekking. Thus, adventure lovers can view the genuine forest beauty while catching up the elevated rocks and make the lake visit highly memorable. The Banasura sagar dam in Wayanad is just three kilometers away from this location. At the Karalad tourism center, there are heritage village, facilitation center, restaurant, dormitories etc.


Video on the Karalad Lake in Wayanad