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Karapuzha Dam


The Dam which commissioned in the year 2004 is constructed on Karapuzha River, a tributary of River Kabani. This large watercourse is formed by the association of a dozen of similar lakes. In the reservoir of the dam, there are so many muddy islands and it is highly spectacular to see the entire area encircled by mountain ranges. Even though the main intention of this dam is irrigation through canal system, it can also be used for power generation purposes in future. The banks of the river as well as surrounding areas having naturally spectacular greenish scenes are calm and so nice, and featured with fresh unpolluted air. On the way to the dam there are small coffee and pepper plantations. It is extremely pleasing to view the rare aquatic birds as well as colorful butterflies living in the dam sector. Karapuzha Dam is considered as one of the biggest earth dams in India. This peaceful serene location is about 16 km away from Kalpetta while 5 km away from the small town Ambalavayal. This landscape valley is a highly suitable location for nature lovers.


Video on the Karapuzha Dam site in Wayanad