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Kuruva Dweep in Wayanad


Kuruva Dweep is a group of seven picturesque Islands situated in the branch watercourse of Kabani River. This marvelous picnic spot is about 17 km east of Mananthavady in north Wayanad. Rare species of migratory birds, butterflies, plants, rare orchids, herbs etc. are found existing on this river bounded graceful landscape locations. The unique Eco-system existing in these Islands is worth visiting. It is really marvelous to view the small lakes having crystal clear water in one of the Islands. The extreme calmness prevailing in this scenic Island is an exceptional experience to visitors. From the mainland there is ferryboat service to one of the Islands which in turn is connected to other land pieces with bamboo raft facilities. Standing on the raft and moving over the river is really thrilling and sensational while it is risky too. In some places, the river is observed as shallow and found moving like streams between rocks. Hence, tourists can move from Island to Island by carefully stepping over these rocks. Visitors are advised to keep away from actions which may destroy the environmental conditions in the Island.


Video on Kuruva Dweep in Wayanad