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Little boy who can’t eat sweets like others of the same age


Birmingham: A six-year-old boy is unable to eat sweets like others of the same age due to a mysterious illness.
The boy whose name is Lance Wood has a catalog of symptoms about the features of his inexplicable ailment.
It is said that his kidney has a hole of size 50p piece.
He is also suffering from hearing difficulties while he cannot speak.
But, till this time, the medical science has not been able to diagnose this unique genetic condition, which also leads to delays in his body development process, including walking.
However, these sufferings have not let him get down.
Earlier this month, the schoolboy had shown courage to keep aside his illness to compete in a 1.5km Bupa Mini Great Run conducted in aid of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where he has undergone treatment since he was seven months old.
His Mum Maggie, who also has two grown-up children, said that she was proud to see him crossing the finishing line.


Video on Lance Wood suffering from mysterious illness