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Massachusetts has been soaked by snow


Massachusetts: The storm has buried Massachusetts with a massive 3 feet of snow (in the town of Lunenburg).
The force of the hurricane wind has knocked out the Pilgrim nuclear power plants in Plymouth and a large coastal cracking has made a seawall to collapse in Marshfield.
The National Weather Service said that parts of Boston had recorded 27 inches of snow since midnight and were likely to break the city’s 24-hour record, set 12 years ago.
According to weather services, the areas around Nashua, New Hampshire, which was smeared under 33.2 inches of snow has been added 2 more feet overnight.
The parts of Massachusetts, which has got almost 2 feet of snow is being increased up to as much as 14 inches more.
The daily life in the southern parts of Massachusetts including Boston is in a paralyzed condition.
At this region about 4 more inches of snow were being expected.
In coastal areas, like Marshfield and Nantucket island, where winds hit 78 mph, the storm has caused considerable flooding and wind damage.


Video on snow hit Massachusetts