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Mathematical formula behind an eternal love


London: When Valentine’s day approaches everybody is thinking about love. A happy reliable love is possible when one gets a suitable partner for loving. As far as the lovers are concerned they always long for a long lasting relationship. Hannah Fry, the author of ‘The Mathematics of Love’, has said a keyword that help to create a magic formula which provides an eternal love.
Individuals who have ever searched a dating website are aware of the difficulty in finding an appropriate profile picture suitable for an eternal love making. Normally, everyone dream a picture having luxurious tangle-free hair, young glowing skin and a warm pleasing smile.
Christian Rudder, a prominent mathematician and co-founder of an on-line dating website OKCupid has spent a decade in collecting and analyzing data from people who has been using his site. As per his statistical data, the availability of suitable love partner is a self-generating event.
To analyze attractiveness with popularity, Rudder and his team have made a random selection program in which he selected 5,000 female users of his dating site. He then compared the scores of the average attractiveness with the number of messages they were sent in
 a month.
Attractiveness would be a pretty good indicator regarding the popularity of the members. But instead, the OK Cupid team has discovered that it was the spread of scores that mattered.
Thus, here is the first tip to have a gain in dating. When most people choose their on-line dating profile pictures, it is understood that , they often try to hide things that make them unattractive. But to generate enviable results, one should do the opposite of the aforesaid matter. When choosing a profile picture, don’t be afraid to put some people off. Members are not trying to appeal to the masses. So, play up to whatever makes one different from others. That is the best way to attract opposite sexes from the dating site.


Video on the Mathematics of love by Henna Fry