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Millions to participate for the Otaku celebrations in Tokyo


Makuhari (Japan): Japan has now decided to celebrate their ‘Otaku’ cultural celebration as a global cultural expo. Thus, the spectacular gorgeous celebration is expected to draw the attention of visitors all over the world as the country looks to boost international fans for Japanese comic books as well as anime characters. About half a million people are expected to attend the world’s first Otaku Expo to be held in Tokyo recently.
During the two day Otaku celebrations, many are dressed up as their favorite anime characters and gathered on the Otaku Expo convention center near Tokyo. People from at least 18 countries and territories are represented at the event and hoped to render the appearance of a Grant Comic Con exhibition. This is the first time that groups from outside Japan are allowed to participate in the celebrations.
The Expo is part of a special comic book fair held once in every five years, which used to attract about half a million visitors globally. Unlike previous years celebrations, the organizers have decided to invite groups from outside Japan in this year’s celebrations. About four dozen overseas Otaku groups are expected to attend the celebration this time. The celebration is considered to be the unique confluence of different cultures appearing in different images.
In these days, the culture expo of Otaku has grown into a major industry in Japan. In Japan, the term Otaku is commonly used to refer people who are interested in comics and animation.
According to co-chief of the organizer, Comic Market Committee, Kahoru Yasuda, Otaku culture has been spreading worldwide just like a big snowball picking up a pace. He has also pointed out the increasing number of foreign visitors arriving for the Otaku celebrations over the recent years.
The celebration is quite fun nowadays and accepts by everybody.
The term Otaku was once a derogative term used to describe performing artists, but now it indicates the anime-loving community in a far more positive way.


Video on Otaku celebrations