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Mobile with advanced camera is launched by Samsung


Singapore: Samsung Electronics Co. has launched a smart-phone with a camera having innovative features.
The new device is capable of meeting the needs of active social media users who frequently upload images on sites including Facebook and Twitter.
The new product launched here at Singapore is referred by the name Galaxy K zoom is launched here at Singapore. The company described it as a camera-specialized smart-phone.
It is provided with a timer that allows users to take selfies (Self photos) of themselves, with the back camera using the timer.
Selfies can be taken by smart-phones with the camera positioned at the front of the phone and this is typically of lower resolution.
The phone is featured with a new retracting lens that offers 10 times optical zoom, enabling users to take pictures of distant objects by zooming into them using lenses, and an optical image stabilizer that helps to produce sharper photos by adjusting the lenses while holding the device.
The pricing and availability of the Galaxy K zoom were not immediately announced.


Video on Samsung Galaxy K zoom