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Monster Black bears fight at the street of New Jersey


New Jersey: Roaming two black bears were seen fighting at the suburban streets of New Jersey.
The two were locked in a brutal fight even though there were moving cars on the road.
Their brutal encounter lasted for nearly seven minutes.
The fighting venue was at a sleepy suburban road in the American state of New Jersey.
The monster bears were fighting by a house before one fell down from a set of outdoor stairs.
During their barbarian fistfight they were grabbing, scratching, biting and barging.
The pair were then seen fighting and wrestling in the middle of the street and remained uninterrupted until a car drove past them.
The road where their furry fistfight took place is between two large forests,
Black bears typically live in wooded areas and are famous for their tree-climbing efficiency.
Their diet usually consists of grass, roots, berries and fish while urban bears have been known to develop the taste for human food since their regular roaming roots are through bins in search of dinner.


Video on the fighting between monster bears

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