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More than 1,000 spider crabs shuffle on seabed forming a pre-migration pyramid


Victoria: More than 1000 underwater spider crabs are seen shuffled on seabed forming an eye-catching pre-migration pyramid.
This is considered to be the most spectacular scene appeared in seabeds.
The formation of the pyramid by the spider crabs, indicate that they are getting ready for a migration.
PT Hirschfield, an underwater swimmer was lucky enough as he could film the enchanting under water pyramid formed by the spider crabs.
He was out diving with friends near Blairgowrie Pier in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria Australia.
As per the footage taken by him, nearly,1000 large and colorful spider crabs were found creeping all over each other to form a huge, majestic pyramid on the ocean floor.
It is said that at this juncture, spider crabs are being concentrated for mass migration and simultaneous molt.
But little is known about their pre-migration pyramid formation.
PT Hirschfield said that he was wishing to spend a solid week underwater with the crabs when their mass migration taken place.
He has expressed his willingness to conduct a study regarding the pre-migration stages of spider crabs which remain somewhat as mystery.
He has also pointed out that some of the crabs in the pyramid were also adorning themselves with sponges and appeared as decorator crabs.
According to him this is a camouflage mechanism.


Video on the pyramid formation of spider crabs