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Muniyara is the name of a primitive cave seen near Ambukuthi hills at Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad. This wonderful cave is formed of huge rocky slab and represents the life of a group of civilized people on the mountains during Stone Age. Entering into the cave is absolutely a thrilling experience. The unique tranquility observed here is the specialty of this tourist spot. A space for meditation can also be viewed inside the cave. These caves are assumed to have used by sages for meditation. The calm Pambar river which flows nearby adds luster to the natural beauty of the picturesque environments around the cave. For visitors, the hill ranges which lead to Muniyara is an exceptional spot for trekking. There were leftovers of potteries as well as stone age accessories inside the cave. It is said that these caves had been served the purpose of shelter to many local tribes residing in the mountains. It is assumed that the hidden mysteries behind these caves are yet to be traced out. There is also a mythological belief that the dead bodies of people lived during primitive age were kept inside these caves. Excavations at various points around the base of the Ambukuthi Hill have also unearthed a typical series of ancient burial chambers. Hence, the area is an unavoidable location for archaeologists as well as anthropologists.


Video on a representation of Muniyara in Wayanad