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Orangutan walks along tightrope at a terrifying height of 20ft


Devon: It was really a dropping moment to view an orangutan walking along a tight rope located at a height of 20 feet.
It is the orangutan Mali, who has been living with her toddler in Paignton Zoo Environmental Park in Devon.
Her adventurous rope walking was really a stomach-churning event as she performed it at a height of 20ft.
The baby of the 20-year-old mother was climbing care free around a cargo net and then the mother decided to walk along the tightrope fearlessly.
A spokesman for the zoo said that the female orangutan seemed to balance quite effortlessly, using her long arms as poles just like an acrobat.
Her marvelous performance was quite a bit of amazing skill.
As far as orangutans are concerned, upright walking on thin

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branches is very important as they have to move to the outer edges of tree crowns where fruits are generally found.
However, walking on four legs is very difficult on a thin branch, especially when it bends and moves beneath.
Anyway, the orangutan succeeded in walking along the tight rope. It was really eye-catching to viewers.


Video on orangutan Mali which walked over a tight rope