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Paingatteri Agraharam in Wayanad


Paingatteri Agraharam in Wayanad is an ancient colony of Tamil Brahmins which is situated at a distance of 7 km from Mananthavady. These old styled colonial houses (Agraharam) have been declared as a heritage site by the archaeological department. The houses built in rows are the fine example for the classic architectural style loved by Tamil Brahmins. They are said to have migrated from Thanjavur which belongs to the state of Tamil Nadu. It is said that these Brahmins were arrived here as cooks for the Pazhassi Dynasty who migrated from their native place Kottayam to Wayanad during British rule. This is how they happened to construct the Agraharam and settle near Mananthavady.
The Agraharam which comprises of a number of identical houses has so many notable specialties. There are a lot of small ponds and temples inside this heritage site. This place has to tell something about the civilization of Kerala and also about the culture of Tamil Brahmins who arrived here as royal cooks. The premises around the Agraharam is found to have been maintaining superbly and hence the appearance of this locality is highly marvelous. This primitive constructions near Mananthavady is being attracted by a number of tourists as well as archaeologists.


A video representation of Agraharam