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Palchuram Waterfalls


This cascade is one of the largest waterfalls in Wayanad. This spectacular watercourse fall is on the way of the new road, constructed to Kottiyoor from Wayanad. It locates about 1km away from the Boy’s town road and 24 kilometers away from Kottiyoor in Kannur District. The Palchuram waterfall which commences from a height of 300 meters is an enchanting crystal clear watercourse which has four step eye-catching falls. The picturesque environments encircling the location make the cataract absolutely mesmerizing. A journey through the twisty greenery hill road is capable to render an attractive distant view of the cascade amid the thickly growing naturally beautiful rain forests. The trek-track of the Palchuram waterfalls is not only fantastic to view but also tedious to catch-up. During monsoon season the wild beauty of the waterfall can be enjoyed to its maximum. There are so many elevated view points around this exciting water fall. These snow smeared misty hill sites provide an alien beauty to the waterfalls together with the surrounding gorgeous environments. Crystal clear streams having small cascades which flow as tributaries to this waterfall add tremendous luster to the location. Another attraction of the region is Arecanut plantations which are seen along the trekking areas of the waterfall. The dense forest surrounding the landscape site is home to different types of flora and fauna.


Video on Palchuram Waterfall