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Papanasini is a spring fed stream near the holy Tirunelli Temple in Wayanad. The sacred stream originates from the Brahmagiri Hill ranges and later joins to River Kalindi which in turn merges with the River Kabani. The name Papanasini means the stream which has the quality to washes away all human sins. Devotees believe that the cool waters in the stream have the ability to wipe off all their sins committed during a lifespan. Hence a dip in the consecrated crystal clear water is enough to make them free from all the sins. Devotees used to perform last rites for the departed souls of their relatives from the banks of the sacred stream. It is believed that River Ganga and River Saraswathi join in Papanasini, making its waters all the time holy. Since the stream flows touching the roots, leaves and flowers of herbal trees and plants in the forest, the water in the sanctified watercourse is said to have certain healing properties. The ever pure and clean waters of the Papanasini watercourse which has been running downhill, add further luster to the enchanting beauty of the forest and mountain ranges in Wayanad .


Video on Papanasini in Wayanad