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Pazhassi memorial in Wayanad


It is at this scenic location where King Pazhassi Raja, the lion of Kerala was cremated in 1805. His mortals are said to have been kept inside this memorial. This marvelous monument is brilliantly constructed by using mud. The environmental beauty of this location is really indescribable. Evergreen forests surrounded by misty mountain ranges really makes this tomb a cute memorial. This is a famous heritage spot located in the heart of Mananthavady in Wayanad. During his tenure, he was well known for his braveness and remained undefeated against the British for a fairly long period with his remarkable skills in mountain based guerrilla styled war techniques. During fierce encounters the dense forests as well as the mystic mountain ranges in Wayanad were protecting him as body shields. He is said to have died in a fierce fighting at Mavilanthodu, which is very near the Pulpally. This historic location is around 1 km away from the main town of Mananthavady. Pazhassi Raja is considered to be the last king who shocked the British with his courage, unique war techniques and patriotism. This tomb is one of the key examples for the cultural heritage of Kerala.
Encircling the tomb site, currently there is one beautiful garden which spreads over an area of 2 acres.


Video on Pazhassi Memorial