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Phantom Rock


Phantom Rock is a naturally formed human skull shaped black stone situated near the Ambalavayal town in Wayanad. This exciting archaeological spot is about 13 km away from Kalpetta. Local people call this wonderful rock as Cheengerimala or Thalappara. Phantom rock which situates in the backdrop of lush green valleys is almost looking like one of the marvelous wonders, the Sphinx in Egypt. This elevated landscape site which locates about 2100 meters above sea level is an ideal rocky place for hiking as well as camping. The environmental serenity prevailing around this wonderful rock is really outstanding. The gorgeous sceneries of Wayanad that can be enjoyed from this picturesque environment are really enthralling. People who love peace and isolation will like this location to a greater extent. They can relax their mind and body by enjoying the benefits of unpolluted air. A primitive cave seen under the Phantom rock is the other attraction of this sightseeing spot. The skull shaped rock said to have formed by metamorphic process, has been attracting a lot of tourists to Wayanad.


Video on Phantom Rock