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Pookode Lake


This is an enchanting fresh water pool that locates amid the evergreen forests in Wayanad. The gorgeous lake is one of the widely attracted tourist destinations of the hill station. Visitors can experience calm and quite environments at the lake site surrounded by mountain ranges. Pookode Lake is the house for numerous fresh water fishes and blue Lotus. A kind of special fish species called Pethia Pookodensis is seen only in this lake. The water in the pool which spreads over an area of 13 acres has a depth of 40 meters and an ideal place for boating. Visitors can enjoy the amazing scenes in the forest by arranging a pleasure boating trip through the lake. For this purpose self driving pedal boats are available for hire. The forest surrounding the lake is the house for wild animals, birds and flies. Monkeys are also seen in plenty near the lake. Other attractions near the Pookode Lake are children’s park, handicraft emporium, fresh water aquarium etc. Visitors can collect attractive products manufactured out of Bamboo as well as coconut husk from the handicraft emporium. Pookode Lake is 15 kilometers away from Kalpetta and very close to Vythri. Families including children and aged can arrive here without much difficulty and enjoy the beauty of the lush green vegetation by arranging a boat journey through the lake.


Video on Pookode Lake, Wayanad