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Rivers and Streams in Wayanad


Since there are skyline mountain ranges and dense rain-forests in Wayanad, the same has been blessed with a lot of rivers and streams originating from the various elevated peaks. The rivers and streams having spectacular waterfalls are flowing downhill benefiting the whole of Wayanad region. In some of the water-bodies, dams are constructed with an intention to arrange water for irrigation. Some of the streams and watercourses in Wayanad are rain-fed and hence cannot be visible all the year round. All of them are featured with crystal clear and pure water. One of the important rivers in Wayanad is Kabani which has got a lot of branch watercourses. It is also favored with a holy stream called Papanasini.

kabani river Kabani River –Kabani river in Wayanad is one of the three east direction flowing rivers in Kerala. The crystal clear serene watercourse is an important tributary of river Cauvery which in turn merges with the Bay of Bengal at the east….Read more…
kabani river Papanasini –Papanasini is a spring fed stream near the holy Tirunelli Temple in Wayanad. The sacred stream originates from the Brahmagiri Hill ranges and later joins to River Kalindi which in turn merges with the River Kabani. The name Papanasini means the stream which has the quality to washes away all human sins….Read more…