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Shevaroy Hills in Yercaud


Shevaroy hills in Yercaud belong to the infinitely lying eastern ghat mountain ranges situated in the north central Tamil Nadu State in India. This is an isolated hill ranges located near Salem. Shevaroy hill ranges cover an area of about 150 square miles (390 square km). The highest peaks among the hill ranges are lying in the southwest direction and establish a hight of 5,231 feet (1,594 meters) at Sanyasimalai (Duff’s Hill) located on the Yercaud Plateau. At the highest peak there is one natural cave-temple where the deities Servarayan and Kaveri are worshiped. The famous Yercaud hill station is nestled within this enchanting viewpoint. Presence of widespread bauxite deposits are the features of these hill ranges. This is the reason why numerous aluminum-processing factories are seen located at Mettur and Yercaud. Extensive coffee plantation is the other feature of this eye catching plateau. Other nearby attractions in the evergreen valleys include an Orchidarium, being run by the Botanical Survey of India. The hill station at Yercaud is assumed to have established by the British in 1845. Currently, an educational institution and a resort are being run at this location. Utmost calm and peaceful atmosphere is the unique feature of this mesmerizing viewpoint. People from various places visit these elevated landscape sites with their family members to enjoy the specialties of this hill station. For the visitors the Shevaroy Hills also offer good opportunities for trekking as well as cycling.


Video on the Shevaroy hills in Yercaud