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Significance of planting coconut palm in Sabarimala


Devotees who go to Sabarimala for 18 times consecutively are considered as master devotees. Such a devotee has to plant a coconut palm at this holy location. The coconut palm has so many outstanding features when compared to the other trees in the world. It is said that the same can be compared to the one such tree in heaven. All parts of the coconut palm is useful to mankind in one way or other. Thus this tree itself is offering valuable services to the living-beings in the universe. Thus, the event of planting a coconut palm makes one devotee to remember that he should be beneficial to the society in all respects. He has to keep up these ideal habits not only during the austerities of 41 days, but also throughout in his life span.
He must be an ideal person as well as guide to the whole people in the society. A devotee who has gone to Sabarimala continuously for 18 times is bound to follow good habits in life by avoiding narcotics and try to reach the goal of his life by offering prayers to the Almighty. He must visit temples daily after performing necessary rituals during morning hours. He has to respect his parents and teachers, and offer charity to the deserved. By performing only good deeds, he must try to live with respect to the desires of the god. While going to Sabarimala each year the devotee must try to practice one good and ideal habit in life. Likewise, practice patience and tolerance and grant love and respect to the society. In this manner he has to live in the society as an active social worker.


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Video on planting coconut palms in Sabarimala