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Snowden requests asylum in Switzerland


Moscow: The absconded US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has expressed his desire to have refuge in Switzerland.
He was speaking through video chatting to audience in Geneva from Moscow where he has been offered shelter from US prosecutors.
Snowden said that he would love to return to Switzerland as he had certain thrilling memories from Geneva.
Earlier, he had worked in Geneva undercover for the CIA.
Currently, Mr Snowden is wanted by the US authorities for leaking US diplomatic secrets.
He was sought asylum in Moscow, as the US authorities had not given him any assurances of a fair trial.
According to Snowden, the only thing they assured was that they would not execute him.
He said that such an assurance was not quite the same as agreeing to a fair and open trial.
Snowden had requested asylum in 21 countries, belong to Central and Eastern Europe.
None of the countries had acknowledged his request.
He has blamed US authorities for the political intervention.


Video on Snowden’s asylum request to Switzerland