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Southern US Strawberry festival will spark in April


Louisiana: The Strawberry festival in southern US will be commencing in April this year.
In the poster of the festival that recently released, there are two faceless black children and the images have prompted sharply to split on-line opinion over whether it is offensive or racist.
The Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival in US used to attract hundreds of thousands of people every year to the small city near Lake Pontchartrain.
According to organizers the Strawberry festival in the state is second in popularity and stands next to Mardi Gras itself.
In the unveiled official poster of the festival, there are faceless African American children wearing their white Sunday best and holding a basket of strawberries.
But after just 24 hours, there generated bitter disagreement regarding the theme of the poster.
Katy Monnot, who has been running a community and parenting news group on Facebook, then quickly shared the image asking views of the people.
As per his opinion the first comments were about how cute the image was and how sweet.
Some people who considered the image as offensive, even made an urge for a boycott of the festival.
Many people said that the children are made to look like images from the Jim Crow era.
Many were of the opinion that the children appeared in the poster have no facial features as they are drawn with large red lips, and in their white Sunday best.
This generated the opinion that those were the only decent clothes they had.
As per the poster theme, the white kids were going to schools while the black children had to stay back to work in the fields.
Within a few hours the post exploded and she had more than 600 comments from all over the US.


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