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Suggestion to revise minimum bus charge as Rs. 7/-


Thiruvanandapuram: Justice Ramachandran commission has suggested to increase the minimum bus charge from Rs. 6/ to Rs. 7/. The decision was on the basis of the Diesel price hike and increased working expenses. At the same time, he has also suggested for increasing the kilometer charge by five paise and the same will be discussed by the ministry in the near future. These proposals of the commission were on the basis of the suggestions collected from bus owners, employees and passengers.

It was in November last year that the bus charge was revised from Rs.5/ to Rs. 6/. During that occasion, the charge for the Kilometer was revised from 55 paise to 58. These previous suggestions too were by the Justice Ramachandran commission. As per the new proposal of the commission, the charge for the Kilometer has been increased to 63 paise.