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The dog which shows 250 unique tricks


La Salle, Illinois(USA): A talented dog from USA is seen balancing stacks of biscuits on its nose while filled water cups on its behind.
It can even play the wheeled skateboard.
These are some of the tricks that this excitable wonder-dog can do.
It is said that the dog has well rehearsed 250 unique tricks.
The owner of the dog is a 14 year old school girl called Victoria Lyons.
She has brilliantly trained the two-year-old Bella Boo into the best balancing cocker spaniel, the world has ever seen.
Where most other canines would make a dog’s dinner out of the balancing act, this clever pooch is able to do it with ease, style and grace.
The girl, Victoria is aiming to become a dog trainer when she becomes older.
Each day, she spends several hours for training her pet pooch at her home in La Salle, Illinois, USA.
The tricks of her pet implies that she can become a wonderful dog trainer in future.


Video on the dog’s unique tricks