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Things to be carried out by the Sabarimala devotees


Spiritual knowledge and physical awareness are the two factors which escort a Sabarimala devotee. These are considered as the basics of culture affiliated to eternal righteousness. Just like the two wings of a bird or similar to the two sides of a coin, physical and spiritual factors are very much intertwined. This unique association can also be seen in the 41 day austerities which highlight the divine intentions of Sabarimala Pilgrimage.
Here are eighteen important righteousness to be observed by Sabarimala devotees.
1. Cleanliness of heart is inevitable to secure the blessings of Lord Ayyappa. Hence try to develop spiritual awareness, rise up as a volunteer to services and nurture willingness to sacrifice
2. Aim of human life is to know the basic principles regarding soul which later dissolves in the godly eternity.
3. The birth as human being is considered as very great. Hence every one should try to develop themselves.
4. Every living beings on earth is said to have the splendor of Lord Ayyappa. On earth, nothing is seen without the energy of the Lord. As per this principle, the living beings on earth have no racism.
5. Lord Ayyappan never sees any difference with respect to cast or socio-economic variations existing among human beings.
6. All should live fearlessly in a brotherly atmosphere by forgetting all racial thoughts and other differences.
7. The principles of all religions are same; hence people should develop an open mind to respect each other and all religions.
8.Human beings are children of god irrespective of their racial discrimination. Moreover, God never likes to get these children involved in fighting in the name of racism.
9. The intention of every devotee should be social developments and global well-being. To achieve these, they must be ready to meet any kind of sacrifice, if required.
10. Devotees should not harm living-beings. That is against the wishes of the God.
11. Destruction of misconduct is harmless according to the viewpoint of the God.
12. All objects of devotees should be for the victory of righteousness and failure of misconducts.
13. Devotees should not perform any kind of sinful deeds.
14. Living beings can live in this world only according to the laws of nature.
15. Emotions, thoughts and deeds of devotees should be absolutely fresh and pure during their 41 day penance. Only such devotees can enter into the temple premises.
16. During the period of austerities, the life of devotees should be clearheaded and anchored in celibacy. They are required to uphold the significance of truth, equality and fraternity during the time-frame. They can have only pure and fresh food.
17. The 41 day penance featured with austerities enable devotees to recover from all sorts of sins.
18. Devotees have to practice Truthful deeds, global love and nonviolence as their lifelong penance.
Sabarimala pilgrims are advised to practice these eighteen qualities in their life because they are the real services to Lord Ayyappa.

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