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Thirty crooked apes are expelled after terrorizing locals in Gibraltar


United Kingdom: The Barbary macaques which have been roaming through the British overseas territory are said to have harassed local people.
Following the incident, thirty criminal minded monkeys are being deported to Scotland after repeatedly causing trouble in Gibraltar.
Officials have tagged these worst apes with GPS collars to monitor their activities before rounding them up.
The looting macaques and two handlers will be flown by chartered cargo plane from the Mediterranean outpost to the UK.
It is the first large-scale export of the monkeys from Gibraltar since the 1990s.
At their new home there are trees and a large rocky environment for enabling them to climb and play. This area has been absolutely enclosed.
The 30 apes’ including 11 males and 19 females were spending the past few weeks in quarantine at the nature reserve in Gibraltar.
Barbary macaques were believed to have been introduced from Africa in the 18th century by British soldiers.


Video on Barbary macaques in Gibraltar