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Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary


The Wild animal caring center at Tholpetty is one of the three prominent ranges of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The charismatic green forest comprising of numerous wildlife locates 20 km east of Manathavady at the northern region of Wayanad. It is really marvelous to see the locality encircled by high bluish mountain ranges from all sides. This animal caring center in Tholpetty shares Kerala State border with Coorg district in Karnataka. Both Muthanga and Nagarhola National Parks for animals in Karnataka are the continuation of Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary. The spectacular dense forest which covers an area of 345 square kilometers is an integral part of Nilgiri Biosphere. The main animals seen here are tiger, elephant, bear, bison, spotted deer, flying squirrels, leopard, wild bore and attractive birds. The thickly growing green trees and rare flowering plants in the forest make the environments absolutely awesome.


Video on Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary