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Tipperary Viewpoint in Yercaud


Tipperary View Point is the southernmost sightseeing spot in Yercaud and can be reached by taking drive along Tipperary Road. The journey through the road offers a lot of magnificent views and hence a breath taking experience. This is one of the most popular locations to check out the picturesque beauty of Yercaud hill valleys. The trip through the scenic environments will be a treasure to memories. The spectacular southern spot is the most stunning point to view the elegance of the woodlands, greeneries and steep rocky peaks of the Yercaud hills. This is a popular tourist spot to experience the aerial beauty and scenic charm of the location. This is a marvelous viewpoint that provides sensational views of the hills surrounding Yercaud. The Tipperary view point offers opportunity to enjoy a number of adventurous activities. Trekking is one of the major adventurous entertainments seen organized in this area. The presence of beautiful rocks as well as caves seen here have made the destination popular for conducting exploration.
Glimpses of surrounding region along with the charming Elephant Tooth Rocks can be had from this location. These rocks are pure white in color and are believed to have formed when a meteorite fell on earth. This pure white rock is really an amazing structure among the Black Granite rocks existed on these hilly region. There is also one Estate called Tipperary Estate very near to this landscape location. It is said that this estate was once a posh hotel catering to the elite of British India from 1930 to 1940. The night view of Salem from this spot is really fantastic. The beauty of tingling lights from Salem town which is nearly away can be enjoyed from this marvelous location.


Video on Yercaud viewpoint