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Trinidad Carnival to celebrate on February 16th and 17th


Port of Spain: Trinidad Carnival takes place every year in Port of Spain, Trinidad is the most significant and festive moment in the country. This year Carnival will be taking place during February 16th & 17th. The traditional cultural festival has to play some key roles in the tourism sector of the country. The tradition of the carnival celebrations is said to have started during 18th century. For visitors, the events of the festival will be a memorable occasion.
Trinidad’s Carnival is an explosion of color, music, revelry, and creativity. Nothing on earth can rival the euphoria and stunning of this spectacular festival. The preparation for the Carnival has been started long before. There will be colorful parade just before the commencement of the festive occasion. With its massive fancy dress bands, spectacular costumes, pulsating music and unparalleled stamina for partying, Trinidad’s Carnival is often described as the greatest show on earth. A time for release and everyone is invited to join the party. This carnival is not only a competitive event but also a colorful folklore. Stick fighting and limbo competitions are the other breathtaking events of the game.
Various groups from the local people participate in the event with gaiety and enthusiasm. The important categories of the festival are queen of the Carnival, Calypso and Soca queens, kings etc. The African Kaiso and Canboulay music are said to have arrived in the Islands from the from the slaves who were brought from Africa to work in the sugar plantations.
The Calypso and Soca music are the other fascinating events of this festival. The Festive atmosphere of this traditional event is embedded with brightly colored clothes of the participants and large quantity of liquor which includes mainly local rum. This is said to be the genuine folklore fiesta. All of these sweep away the spectacular celebrations. Both locals and tourists come to the streets for dancing. To such people this will be an highly enjoyable and unforgettable moment in life.


Video on Trinidad Carnival