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Two Capuchin monkeys which bite and scratch humans are escaped


Cumbria: Two wild monkeys which have the habit of biting and scratching humans when approached are reported to have escaped from a zoo.
The pair of Capuchin monkeys are escaped from South Lakes Wild Animal Park, near Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria.
Police have warned members of the public that they could be attacked if they approach the animals.
A juvenile female Capuchin monkey was reported to have missed first.
But, as reported by the News & Star, a second monkey was also found missing.
Police said that they have the potential to attack humans.
They also revealed that there had been the sightings of the first monkey that went missing over the weekend.
Capuchin monkeys are found in Central America, South America and northern Argentina.
They are black, brown or white and have tails that are as long as their body.
They spend their entire day searching for food and at night they sleep in trees


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