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UK natives struggle to grow their mustaches


London: According to a recently conducted survey, over 50% of men across UK struggle to grow a mustache.
Among the 12,000, who were subjected a survey, 60% of men in Wales were happy with their ability in growing a mustache while London showed to be the area with the highest of November(Movember) Woes, with 70% of men confessing to struggle.
Luckily, there are facilities to get a mustache transplant nowadays.
As per the opinion of American men who were subjected for the survey, recommended beer, sex, milk and fertilizer as the best ways to enhance the mustache growth.
They have been advised to read more mustache growing tips.
The British Beard and Mustache Championship is for those who love the facial hairs.
People having inspiration in mustache growing can take part in the competition and try to secure an admirable position.
Since it is halfway through November(Movember), it’s time to start the art of mustache styling.


Video on British Beard and Mustache Championship